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Pool Designs


Built-in safety features make this pool a winner.

This big pool has something for everyone.

Count on giant-sized fun for all ages with a Goliath fiberglass pool.

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One classically designed rectangular shape for a giant leap of family fun.

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One of our newest Aspen designs brings personal luxury to the convenience of urban living.

The second in our series of smaller Aspen designs is proof that Thursday Pools is the fiberglass pool manufacturer that keeps an eye on innovation, luxury and durably crafted fiberglass swimming pools.

It’s time to chill in one of our original larger sizes that leaves ample room for exercising.

Soaking up the sun has never been more fun and this size and pool shape leaves plenty of room for bronzing up your skin.

If you like to go big or go home you’re going to like our large pools. This pool shape is perfect for games, exercise and entertaining friends and family.

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Grace Beach Entry

Our smaller version of the Grace Beach Entry still gives you plenty of room for those ledge loungers and exercise.

This mid-size Grace, still considered a large pool, adds more room for the lap lovers in your life. Swimming laps, of course.

Dogs dig the largest size Grace Beach Entry pool. It’s easy to enter and exit with plenty of room for big fun.

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Lil Bob LX

One generous size fits in a bunch of fun for all ages.

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Lil Bob

In case you wondered, Lil Bob is the ideal size for regulation water volleyball. (Net not included.)

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Our Basic version allows you to customize your sunken living area fiberglass pool just the way you like.

Sit surrounded by sparkling pool water without getting wet. Add a table for guests to enjoy cards, cocktails, or…

*Currently Not Available* For a fabulous experience, opt for a sunken spa and alternate between warm, relaxing jets and refreshing, cool water.

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Sometimes a more intimate pool is just what you need.

Everything about this pool says “life is good.”

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It’s the shape that makes this pool size perfect for a big backyard.

Slightly larger for those who know, anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

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Cathedral LX

Classic proportions make for pleasing aesthetics in all directions.

Stretch out and relax the day away in Cathedral LX.

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One size fits all styles.

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This pool comes in one sporty size for active households.

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Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle comes in one snappy size to fit most outdoor spaces.

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Sandal Beach Entry

This large pool gives you plenty of room for the ladies to relax near the beach while the kids splash in the deep end.

Our slightly larger version gives you all little more room for exercise and fun activities. Let the memories begin.

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Sun Day

Take a deep breath, kick back and relax in our smaller version of this medium size fiberglass pool.

This size Sun Day is just the right size to refuel your soul.

If you’re ready to go big or go home this Sun Day is for you.

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Graceful scalloped edges make the pearl a gem in your backyard.

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Round Spa With Spillover

Not everyone wants to be a square.

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Square Spa

Sit back, relax and enjoy alone or with six of your best friends.

With Spillover Sit back, relax and enjoy alone or with six of your best friends.

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Wading Pool

Wading Pool 1 - You’re never too old for a refreshing wade. Cool off and watch the kids play.

Wading Pool 2 - Cool off and watch the kids play.

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Wet Deck

With Spillover - The Wet Deck with a spillover offers a great water feature to add to your backyard oasis.

The Wet Deck goes well with most of our fiberglass pools, or makes a beautiful patio accent all on its own.

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Grand Spa With Spillover

Rejuvenate, Enjoy Family Time or a Quiet Conversation. You Choose.

With Spillover - Rejuvenate, Enjoy Family Time or a Quiet Conversation. You Choose.

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Pool Liners

Want to see more options?

Pool Covers

Quad-Core Fabric is the result of 50 years of research and experience. Reinforced with a strong polyester mesh for strength and tear resistance, this high-performance vinyl-resin formula provides maximum durability in the swimming pool environment.


Dusky Blue



Royal Blue

Slate Gray




Light Blue

Forest Green

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